課程主辦單位:繩峰國際工程有限公司 (TRAA會員編號8017/OT)

*取得本國籍身分證者請填身分證字號。Please provide passport number if you are a foreigner.
謹 聲明本人身體狀況良好,年滿18歲,無重大身心疾病,有足夠能力參與本項課程訓練,並無任何隱匿。本人明白本項課程訓練具有一定風險,如因參與本課程因本人疏失導致受傷或有任何損失,本人同意不向繩峰國際工程有限公司及其負責人、所屬員工、教練請求賠償。I am 18 years old and fully aware of self physical condition, able to complete the course without any hidden. I am aware of this course has it's own risk to my physical body and may have other loss. I will not claim or file lawsuit against Ropeak Inc. or it's owner, employees, instructors if any hurt or loss was occurred to me due to my fault during training.
報名後本公司將於三日內通知付款,當您收到本公司付款通知,請於付款期限內完成全額付款,報名程序才完成。如因該梯次報名繳費人數未滿4人,本公司有權最遲於課程開始前7日取消該梯次課程,並退還全額費用(扣除銀行匯費),已報名之參加者將收到本公司電話及Email通知課程取消。課程開始後,除天災等不可抗因素致使課程進行有安全疑慮外,均不予退費,We will send you a notice after receiving your registration form. The course registration will be fully completed after the full payment has been made from you. The Ropeak Inc. reserve the rights to cancel the course 7 days prior to the beginning date of course if less than 4 person fully registered. Registered participants will receive our notice through phone and Email. Participants paid already will get full refund. Once the course start, any refund request is not accepted except force majeure that will result in danger.